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Miami Shores 2019 elections
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  • A Shady Political Hack

    Christian Ulvert is a shady Political Mercenary and the special interest's dream candidate. This is a statement of fact and is well reported in the media and within Florida’s public records.

  • An Opportunist Out for Himself

    Ulvert and his husband, Carlos Andrade, have only lived in Miami Shores for less than two years.

    As recently as 2017 Ulvert stated that he was seriously considering running for a State Senate seat, located in Southwest Miami-Dade County (in Westchester and parts of Kendall).

    If elected to the Miami Shores Village Council, Ulvert will use his title for political opportunism and boost his business – NOT for the well-being of Miami Shores and its residents.

Source Information:

-Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser; July 19, 2017; Christian Ulvert Miami Shores home purchase.

-Florida Politics Blog (FLAPOL), “Christian Ulvert says he is ‘seriously considering’ run for SD 40 seat,” by Mitch Perry, April 27, 2017.


1. If You’re a Dog Lover… Oppose Ulvert

Christian Ulvert was a paid spokesperson for dog racing and gaming interests (Flagler Dog Track). As a press secretary for the pro-slots political committee, Ulvert stood on behalf of dog racing companies in direct opposition to groups such as Grey2K USA and the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida.

Avenge the Dogs and Reject C. Ulvert!

Source Information:
-Miami Herald, “Anti-slots campaign targets Jan. 29 vote” January 9, 2008

2. If You’re for the Environment & Transparency… Vote Against Ulvert

As revealed by an environmental watchdog group, Christian Ulvert is an operative and spokesperson for an entity that is operating as a “front group” for utilities in opposition to an energy choice constitutional amendment.

“The group Floridians for Affordable Reliable Energy (FARE) spokesperson Christian Ulvert said the group is funded by progressives and grassroots organizations that he declined to name.”

Stephen Smith, executive director of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, said in a news release, “The launch of FARE suggests that the utilities are continuing to rely on paid spokespeople and campaign operatives rather than subject-matter experts who are needed to provide much-needed information rather than slogans and clever campaigns.”

On utility and related environmental issues, how can Ulvert serve Miami Shores residents when he is a paid operative for Florida’s utility industry?

Source Information:
-POLITICO Pro Florida, “Energy choice opposition described as front group” by Bruce Ritchie, 03/07/2019.
-The Energy and Policy Institute describes itself as an industry watchdog.

3. Proponent of Strong Mayor Form of Municipal Government

Christian Ulvert was the chairman of Progressives for Change, a shady and controversial committee created just weeks before an election to make Miami’s Mayor a “strong mayor” form of government. Ulvert was also a spokesman for Miamians for an Independent and Accountable Mayor’s Initiative, the political committee backing Mayor Francis Suarez’s strong-mayor campaign.

If elected, do Miami Shores residents need to be concerned about Ulvert’s zeal and record of backing a strong mayor form of municipal government?

Ulvert’s motives are TOO RISKY for Miami Shores!

Source Information:
-Miami Herald, ‘Who gave it, who got it?’ How political influence in Miami is bought — and concealed” February 21, 2019
-Miami Herald, “Judge tosses suit by Miami commissioner who wanted to stop ‘strong mayor’ vote” October 8, 2018

Here is Ulvert with totalitarian Cuban government officials, along with his travel mates: former failed gubernatorial candidate Philip Levine, Miami Beach Commissioner Ricky Arriola, and Republican political consultant Adam Goodman.

4. Controversial Foreign Policy & a Hypocrite

In March of 2016 Ulvert traveled to Cuba (with former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine) where they met privately with officials of Castro’s totalitarian regime. Their goal was to help the dictatorship open a Cuba Consulate in Miami Beach. This was an insult and outrage to the Cuban exile community in Miami Beach, Miami-Dade, Florida, and throughout the U.S. This also thrust major controversy upon Miami Beach’s residents.

Ulvert spoke in favor of the Miami Beach Cuba Consulate during a City of Miami Beach Hispanic Affairs Committee on April 11, 2016. He participated in a pro-Cuban government consulate press conference. Ulvert also spoke in favor of bringing a Cuba consulate during a Miami Beach City Commission hearing on April 13, 2014.

Yet on the crisis in Venezuela, Ulvert gives quotes and social media postings seemingly in favor of the anti-Maduro movement, calling for a free Venezuela. Ulvert recently criticized Democrat Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders for refusing to label Nicolas Maduro a dictator, and how it impacts the Florida political landscape.

So while on the payroll of his client (and failed candidate) Philip Levine, Ulvert takes active part in an unwanted controversy by standing on the side of Cuba’s totalitarian regime and a few misguided US business opportunists that would exchange their personal financial interests with the Cuban dictatorship at the expense of attempting to locate a Cuba Consulate in our home community. This was both an insult to Cuban Americans and went against U.S. national and Miami-Dade County’s security interests.

Ulvert is a SHAMEFUL Hypocrite.

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-Item C7U, Reaffirm City’s Longstanding Position Not Welcoming A Cuban Consulate (by Grieco); City of Miami Beach Commission Meeting, April 13, 2016; Office of the City Clerk. (Video of 4/13/16 full commission meeting) (Ulvert @ 2:12) (Ulvert @ 1:34)
-The Washington Post, “GOP sees turmoil in Venezuela as a means to strengthen its hold in Florida” Page A16, by Sean Sullivan, February 25, 2019.